Rape of the God


"The Rape of a God" tells the story of a child who copulates with trees. Actually, Giacomo Canto is the son of a God of the woods, and therefore is a clairvoyant child. Through his physical relation with the trees, he enters the ultramundane dimension of dead men and disembodied spirits. His mother Virginia, who cannot know the real nature of his behaviour, takes him to a Neurologist and then - not satisfied - to one of the most famous living psychoanalysts: Professor Abramo Veritier, the doctor who has conceived the theory that God is female.

The professor, whose theory takes root in the dissolute genetics of his Jewish grandfather Nathan, and in his own troubled adolescence, diagnosed Giacomo's disturbance as "Phytofilia", a word created by him to classify that strange sexual perversion. Professor Abramo Veritier is curious and loves experiments. In order to understand what the little Giacomo feels, he also tries to copulate with a tree, furthermore with a malefic one (an Arch devil tree). Without the purity of heart of Giacomo, this deed not only leads the professor to discover the exactitude of his theory, but also to the rape of the female God in the Forest of Springs. The fantastic but equally real creature "Guardine", and the God of the woods "UR", the dead father of Giacomo, will teach him the last truth of the trees' kingdom.

The therapy of Giacomo ends with an erotic turn. In chapter 13 the events depicted are best read by broad-minded people. The Psychoanalist will have a brief relationship with the child's mother, then inexplicably, mother and son disappear from the Professor's life, until after many years. In the novel's epilogue, when he is by now a centenarian, equally inexplicably they reappear. On a front page of a daily paper, the old Psychoanalist recognises the child who copulated with trees. Now, Giacomo Canto is adult, and fills the highest office of an illuminated and transcendent government...


The  novel "The Rape of a God" is now translated into English and is waiting for an Anglo-American Publisher or Agent. If you are interested to see the full manuscript or part of it, please post a message here