"Doctor is nothing but a consoler of the mind". (Petronius)

doctor Marcelli in a session of acupunture

Stefano Marcelli took his degree in medicine & surgery when he was 23 cum laude at Bologna's University

is specialized in clinical psychology cum laude when he was 26

is a trainer of mesotherapy, acupuncture and auricular puncture in Italy, France and China

is a member of "Société Française de Mésothérapie" and "Italian Society of Acupuncture"

since 1986 he practices as a MD in Darfo Boario Terme (Brescia, Italy), via Caravaggio, 7 - tel. +39 0364 530070

Dr. Stefano Marcelli is the founder of the comparative approach

medicine-books (Note: all books are in Italian)

in 1990 Stefano Marcelli publishes the Handbook of Mesotherapy, signed with Jean-Pierre Multedo, a French colleague, teacher of "Société Française de Mésothérapie", by Minerva Medica (two editions in 6 years). The renewed edition New Handbook of Mesotherapy has issued in 2013.

in 1993 follows Parallel Medicines, a handbook of natural therapy for 150 diseases, by Edizioni Libreria Cortina.

1994 is the best-seller Acupuncture in the pocket, by Nuova IPSA Editore (two editions in 2 years) .

in 1995 (and in 2010 with a fully new edition) arrives:

The Active Points Test, a book showing a new and simple clinical method to characterize with precision the more effective zones and terapeutic points, Edizioni Libreria Cortina, RENEWED AND PUBLISHED AGAIN IN 2010 BY HOEPLI - MILAN, and

Yellow booklet contains instruction for die healthy a natural hygiene and therapy's handbook, also available free online on the LiberLiber's site. Click on the logo below:

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