minimal biographic

Stefano's pic summer '74Stefano Marcelli was born 11 november 1958 in Foggia, a southern Italy wild town, where he lived just to his 17th birthday.

To live Foggia it was not easy, expecially if your northern mother had the fixed idea of good manners and christianism, and you, your brother and your two little sisters spoke with an accent quiet unlike the native one. But maybe the ingenuos educator doesn't realize that her family was living the bad reputed "75/c1 PBC". This formula looks like a great penitentiary's map number. And in effect... many years will pass before that "Popular Building Center" and that city-lot become "Kennedy Quarter" and "Petrarca Street".

"Noone will put his cock into our asses!" was the sentence that can better explain the good boys of "75/c1 PBC", a suburban site where rages the "Capobianco's Band", composed of real delinquents' brothers, who hung stray dogs to olive trees, sprinkled alcohol on cats to burn them, and make to masturbate themselves by prisonners.

Above: a pic of Stefano in summer '74, when the  "Capobianco's Band" had been defeated, and around his sprouting moustache were urgent some pimples and the wish to leave to conquer the world.




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